Original Art

"Regular Division of the Plane with Cats" acrylic on wood


16" x 16" x 1.5" acrylic on wood panel.  I sat down a few months ago and wondered if I could create an MC Escher-esque regular division (often called a tessellation) but with cats. After many hours I came up with one that was working.  It's a difficult problem with the main challenge being you always end up with little pieces of negative space you can't get rid of. This one began with the ankle/heel/tail of the stretching cat interlocking with the shoulder blade/throat/head of the sitting cat. I worked from there til I got it. I've tried a regular division with crows and have yet to solve it. And if I can ever solve the one with sharks I think I'll retire and move to the South Pacific.  Price includes shipping.  If you're in San Diego and would like to meet/pick item up, use coupon code "noshipping25" to get $25 off the price

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